Healthcare Management Prize: Winners 2015

1st Place: „Teletherapie Stottern“ – online based intensive therapy for lingual titubation

Submitted by: Institut der Kasseler Stottertherapie, PARLO-Institut für Forschung und Lehre in der Sprachtherapie, Techniker-Krankenkasse

Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg
Lingual therapy, especially with strong deficits through titubation, is not easy to apply at home or in the surrounding area. Also, ways to ambulant therapy centers are often quite far. That is where the “Teletherapie Stottern” sets in. Therapist and patient can communicate via an online platform synchronically. Moreover, both are able to have a close to reality meeting within a virtual therapy space. The therapy is supposed to save costs, e.g. costs for drive and bring both – therapist and patient – more flexibility in time and space.

2nd Place:

iSurgeon – development of a training system for the continuing surgical education based on a sensor and expert’s modell
Submitted by: Klinik für Allgemein-, Viszeral- und Transplantationschirurgie – Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg

Cand. med. Karl Kowalewski
Hundreds of surgeons receive their surgical admission in Germany every year. Continuing surgical training is vital to keep the high quality of treatment and the level of security for patients. This system is supposed to optimize surgical training and help via augmented reality technique to prepare surgeons for their operations and support them with a real experience by means of a simulation that gives real haptic feedback.

3rd Place:

CANKADO: eHealth-Project to increase therapie adherence within oncology
Submitted by: Association of modern communication in the medical sector „Gesellschaft für moderne Kommunikation in der Medizin (GEMKOM)“

Prof. Dr. Timo SchinkötheIn oncology therapy more and more dissociates from intravenous chemo therapy. Instead, patients often take their medication themselves. However, according to academic studies, about 84% of patients do not take it properly. In addition, a lot of them are unable to cope with the side effects. CANKADO enables patients to improve their adherence as well as their knowledge about their illness with playful elements on a platform. Besides that CANKADO keeps records of adherence, side effects and doctor’s response time and analyses the results. The platform is supposed to remain free of charge for both – patients and doctors.

Audience Award:

Networking Model Doc. Verena – Networking of registered doctors with rehabilitation centers for inpatient psychosomatic treatment
Submitted by: Dr. Ebel Fachkliniken GmbH & Co. Heinrich Heine Klinik KG

( The Audience Award is granted to the project with the most votes from the audience present during the Innovation Convention)

Carola Scheidling
People with psychosomatic issues often need help from various places. Therefore, Doc Verena wants to connect registered doctors with rehabilitation centers.
All parties involved are able to communicate via encoded media, videochat and open data simultaneously. Also, patients can transfer files to their doctor through a special portal.
Hence the project wants to improve treatment results, make processes more efficient and decrease redundancies in order to avoid long-term inability to work.
This new form of intersectoral communication is provided by the technical solution of Doc Cirrus Berlin.

Sustainability Award

„Was hab‘ ich?“ – medical students translate findings in understandable language for patients
Submitted from: „Was hab‘ ich?“ GmbH

( The Sustainability Award is granted to a project of prior years, which developed since its first Healthcare Management Price application distinctly)

Ansgar JonietzPatients develop more and more to managers of their own health. To make that work, they also need to understand their findings. “Was hab ich” (What do I have) helps patients since 2011 with exactly that. Patients can upload their findings anonymously on the platform or send it via fax. A team of doctors and medical students translates the findings within a few days into an ordinary language for free. Since the first application of the project, a lot of medical students and medical professionals joined the team. Since the beginning 1.200 were trained in communication. In addition the training is also offered as an elective subject at the Technical University (TU) Dresden and the University of Hamburg.

Healthcare Management Price: Winners 2015

Healthcare Management Price: Winners 2015

On the group picture from left to right:

Ansgar Jonietz, Director „Was hab‘ ich?“ GmbH, winner Sustainability Award

Cand. med. Karl Kowalewski, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, 2nd Place for iSurgeon

Carola Scheidling clinic director Dr. Ebel Fachkliniken GmbH & Co. Heinrich Heine Klinik KG, Audience Award for Doc.Verena

Prof. Dr. Timo Schinköthe, Member of the Board of “Gesellschaft für moderne Kommunikation in der Medizin (GEMKOM)”, 3rd Place for CANKADO

Susanne Klein, Techniker Krankenkasse, cooperating partner of “Stottertherapie Kassel”

Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg, Institut der Kasseler Stottertherapie, 1st Place for “Teletherapie Stottern”

Dr. Arno Elmer, Director gematik GmbH, moderator of the Association of Healthcare Professionals award ceremony