Healthcare Management Prize: Winners 2014

1st Place:

The electronic treatment diary EPI-Vista®
Submitted by: Northern German Epilepsy Centre for Children and Adolescents (Norddeutsches Epilepsiezentrum für Kinder und Jugendliche)

EPI-Vista is an electronic treatment calendar that includes the medical record for seizure sufferers. EPI-Vista was developed with the goal of facilitating and guiding treatment and optimizing therapy. At a single glance, the behaviour of the seizure frequency per day can be recognized from the time interval represented. The reaction of the seizures to the treatment can be precisely appraised, which cannot be achieved with any other known technique. EPI-Vista can be used by the doctor and the patient. In outpatient practice, the division of labor has proven itself: the patient enters the seizures and the medication that has actually been taken, notes his condition, and makes supplementary entries. The physician records the anamnesis, all findings, the serum levels, and his comments about the progression or course of the disease. Data exchange between physician and patient has become easier. A clever security concept prevents any unauthorized access to the data.

2nd Place:

Weaning at the Lung Clinic Ballenstedt
Submitted by: Lung Clinic Ballenstedt

If patients have beent submitted to mechanical ventilation for a long time it is not easy to bring them back into an active life. This process is called Weaning. With ever more old an invalid patients this aspect of medicine is of growing importance. The Lung Clinic Ballenstedt has found new ways – in therapy as well as organization – to optimize this process by bringing together intensive-care medicine and rehabilitation.

3rd Place:

Berlin Network for Mental Health at Work
Submitted by: Pinel Foundation (Stiftung Pinel)

The number of psychiatric diagnoses among sick leaves is ever growing. The Pinel Foundation went new ways to manage treatment of such cases and achieved significant improvements – in treatment costs as well as quality.

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