Healthcare Management Prize: Winners 2012

1st Place:

The forensic online consultation system “Forensikon” (Hanover Medical School, MHH)

The forensic online consultation system ForensikonThe forensic online consultation system “Forensikon” of the Hanover Medical School (MHH) enables physicians who suspect cases of child abuse to obtain prompt expert opinions from medical lawyers, thereby avoiding a detour through the authorities. Physicians submit their findings using detailed images and x-rays and receive the expert opinions of the Institute of Medical Law of the Hanover Medical School, MHH. As a result of the quick diagnosis arising from this process, the children concerned can be helped sooner.

“Forensikon” can be accessed through the portal of the Regional Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Lower Saxony. The physicians obtain their validation to use the system through a personal access code. The images are transferred via a secure channel using anonymous patient data so as to avoid disclosing the identity of the patient.

The patron of the Healthcare Management Prize, Professor Dr. Heinz Riesenhuber, Member of the German Parliament, stated, “Forensikon deserves the award because it quickly provides access to specialized knowledge where it is urgently needed. Abused children need help right away – not following a long, hard process of overcoming bureaucratic obstacles.”

2nd Place:

Equipping all ambulances in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rheinland-Palatinate and the Saarland with a pediatric emergency ruler (Techniker Krankenkasse, TK)

The pediatric emergency ruler measures the size of an injured child and indicates the recommended dosage of emergency medication based on the size of the child.

3rd Place:

PhysiciansPlusNursing (Gesundes Kinzigtal GmbH)

The program improved the outpatient care in nursing homes and thus reduced the number of hospitalizations of nursing home residents in the Kinzigtal region by more than one quarter.

Other Projects Submitted:

Other innovative projects entered for the Healthcare Management Prize 2012 can be viewed here (in German).

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