Healthcare Management Prize: Winners 2011

1st Place:

INTRABEAM – Paradigm Shift in Breast Cancer Therapy (Carl Zeiss Meditec AG)

Radiation Therapy Device INTRABEAMThe radiation therapy device INTRABEAM enables a number of patients with breast cancer to forgo the usual therapy involving six to seven weeks of radiation treatment. As an alternative treatment, patients are exposed to low level radiation for a period of thirty minutes during the operative removal of the tumor. The shortened treatment has many benefits:

For the Patients:

  • No more time required for a daily ride to the treatment center;
  • A reduced psychological burden;
  • A more gentle treatment: low energy x-rays can be used and directed toward the tumor bed only, rather than the entire breast. As a result, the surrounding tissue remains unaffected and the common side effects of pain, skin reactions and fatigue are reduced.

For the Healthcare System:

  • Savings of at least 30% on the costs incurred for the operation, radiation therapy and travel expenses.
  • Faster occupational reintegration
  • Reduced radiation safety requirements and therefore greater usability in developing countries

2nd Place:

My Health Book (“”) (Marseille-Kliniken AG)

The portal enables family members to follow the current state of their relative around the clock as he or she undergoes hospital care.

3rd Place:

ER-Path (ClinPath GmbH)

The program provides a structural framework for an initial assessment of patients in hospital emergency rooms followed by treatments along standardized clinical pathways.

Other Projects Submitted:

Other innovative projects entered for the Healthcare Management Prize 2011 can be viewed here (in German).

Picture Gallery: Awarding of the Healthcare Management Prize 2011

The awards ceremony was held in conjunction with an exhibition entitled “The Art of Radiology Technology.” The Healthcare Management Prize 2011 was awarded by Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. pol. Konrad Obermann.

The 2011 Jury:

Members of the jury in 2011