Healthcare Management Prize

Patron of the Healthcare Management Prize Prof. Dr. Heinz Riesenhuber

Prof. Dr. Heinz Riesenhuber

Member and “Father of the House” (Alterspräsident) of the German Parliament (Bundestag), Former Federal Secretary of Research and Technology is patron of the Healthcare Management Prize

Greetings from the Patron
“Children are inquisitive and always eager to experiment. Unfortunately, adults often lose these qualities in the daily routines of their working life. Caught up in our familiar routines of thinking and acting, we forget about the importance of trying out new things. Instead we are too busy keeping old things working. But the world around us is ever changing.

Solutions that met the requirements yesterday may be not good enough to meet the demands of the future. We need constant development – especially in the health care sector which faces huge challenges such as demographic change and digitization.

I am certain that the projects contending for the Healthcare Management Prize 2015 will once again present an impressive variety of exciting and resourceful answers to these challenges. I am looking forward to it!”


The Prize

The Healthcare Management Prize is awarded annually to innovators in the healthcare sector. The prize recognizes excellent projects and solutions in all fields of healthcare management:

  • Research
  • Medical procedures
  • Structures of healthcare delivery and collaboration
  • Quality management and production
  • Information technology
  • Communications
  • Human resources

A jury of distinguished healthcare managers assesses the applications based primarily on the solution’s ability to improve outcomes and economic efficiency by using new ways of directing and managing processes, people and resources.

The top three places are granted a total of EUR 3,000 in prize winnings.


The Past: Winners of the prior years